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Import and Export of Specimens Listed under CITES and Thai Legislations Require Permits

Situation of wildlife trafficking in Thailand :

At present, Thailand still has problems of illegal wildlife trafficking by poaching from natural areas such as wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, as well as, international wildlife trafficking.

Causes of problems :

1. Demands on wildlife meat consumption.
2. Demands on ornament or souvenir market.
3. Horrific popularity on rearing exotic animals or wildlife.
4. Using wildlife parts and derivatives as components in traditional medicines and herbal tonic.
5. Demands on endangered wildlife for zoo and exhibition.

Thai Ivories and Elephantlegislations

In accordance with domestic legislations, Thai elephants(Elephasmaximus) have two legal status :

  1. Tamed elephants or domesticated elephants are managed and registered following the Draught Animal Act under the Ministry of Interior. Ivory from domesticated elephants can be legally traded, but allowed only for domestic consumption under trade control

    Since Thai elephants are Asian elephants, which are listed in Appendix I under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), import and export of elephants, specimens, parts and derivatives, including their products, are prohibited, which include ivory from domesticated elephants.
  1. Wild elephants are fully protected under the Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act 1992. Exploitation of wild elephants, specimens, parts and derivatives, including their products, are strictly prohibited. No domestic and international trade of wild elephants and their specimens, including ivory, are allowed. Please be advised that both domestic and international trade in ivory from African elephants (Loxodontaafricana) are illegal.

Warning :
Non-Thai tourists should not buy ivory, whether from Asian or African elephants, since it is illegal to take ivory (including their products) across international borders.

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